Piano Summer School formally Music at Ladevie
Castelfranc Piano Summer School - Tarn, south-west France


The celebrated piano summer school for Advanced and Amateur pianists, Music at Castelfranc, is changing venue, name, and website.

We are now MUSIC AT AMBIALET and we are building a new website at WWW.AMBIALETMUSIC.COM

Please access for full details of courses, fees, dates and to download application forms. Some information can also be found on the Courses page of this current site.

MUSIC AT AMBIALET is the third incarnation of the original summer school Music at Ladevie, founded in 1991 by the pianist and writer Paul Roberts and arts journalist Jenny Gilbert. Within a few years they had built up a unique enterprise with an international following. For seven years from 2003 the summer school took place at Chateau Castelfranc in the Languedoc.

Now, from 2010, the magnificent Priory at Ambialet in the Tarn Gorge is the summer school's new home. Over the years it has maintained and developed the original vision of its founders: to nurture the highest standards of music-making in idyllic surroundings, removed from the competitive pressures of everyday life; to combine amateur pianists with conservatoire students, so offering to the amateurs a standard of teaching and performing they would not normally find, and to the advanced students contacts and friendships with their future public.

For further information please CLICK on WWW.AMBIALETMUSIC.COM

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DATES 2010

3 - 11 August
13 - 21 August
23 - 31 August

Application forms available soonclick here

Chateau Castelfranc

Music at Castelfranc offers accommodation in the spectacular Château Castelfranc, owned by the British charity the Dandelion Trust (click photo).


Château Castelfranc lies midway between Albi and the medieval town of Castres, with its famous balconied houses overhanging the river Agout.

Chateau Castelfranc
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